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exploreTOdiscover AUSTRIA aims at helping you make your trip to Austria unforgettable by working on combined offers between exploreTOdiscover HIKING and other outdoor guides as well as cultural touring guides and providing you with the contacts you need to put together your trip the way you like it – each day of your journey.

The motto of exploreTOdiscover AUSTRIA lies therein that to discover and see the true beauty of a place it is essential to visit its cities, valleys and mountains following trails and roads the people, who call these places home, have traveled. Discovery is achieved by pursuing the paths that are characterized by the imprints of those who have roots in those places.

Besides offering hiking and trekking tours through exploreTOdiscover HIKING it is important to exploreTOdiscover AUSTRIA that our clients are able to spend an unforgettable time in Austria doing other things as well. The more diverse a trip the bigger the chances that you have discovered the hidden gems of Austria. Through cooperation with other enthusiastic professionals in different areas of expertise (city guides, mountaineering, kayaking, traveling with people with physical limitations etc.), we aim to offer unique and unforgettable trips, which combine outdoor activities with cultural visits etc.. exploreTOdiscover AUSTRIA will provide the contacts you need to make your trip remarkable and extraordinary.


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