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exploreTOdiscover HIKING offers guided hiking and trekking tours in Austria – led by a certified hiking guide.

According to the philosophy of exploreTOdiscover HIKING exploring and discovering is best done when taking the time to see, to feel and to enjoy what is around us. The best way to do so is to move slowly and take everything in at a pace that allows us to really experience our surroundings. This allows us to take in the full beauty of nature, mountains, cities, cultural sites and the people of the country one visits. When joining exploreTOdiscover on your trip to Austria, you are invited to explore this unique country on foot – discovering its hidden gems by hiking through the different regions of Austria.

It might be a one-day hike close to a village or city on your itinerary, a several days hut-to-hut trekking tour or a several days stay in a village or city with the option to explore a different mountain every day. Whatever you prefer, exploreTOdiscover HIKING will accompany you on your journey to discover Austria’s diverse landscapes, cultural backgrounds and different regions.

Hiking through Austria can be a diverse, but always pristine experience – ranging from trekking tours into the high mountains of the Alps to hikes through the hilly wine countries of Austria, walks along beautiful creeks and lakes or backpacking tours from castle to castle – to name a few options.

It is in the interest of exploreTOdiscover to keep groups relatively small to ensure a memorable experience to everyone and offer individualized hiking tours. Each hiking or trekking tour is tailored to the needs, abilities and wishes of its participants. exploreTOdiscover is happy to put together a hiking tour customized to your needs or you are welcome to browse through the currently offered hiking tours and chose one of our offered tours at pre-set dates.

Besides the classic guided hiking and trekking tours, exploreTOdiscover specializes in geological and nature excursions guided by a professional geologist as well as orientation training in mountainous terrain (with maps, GPS etc.) performed by a professional GIS expert.


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