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Activities of a hiking guide (Definition “Bergwanderführer”)

[freely translated from http://www.bergwanderfuehrerverband-steiermark.at/gruendung.htm, 2015]
Summer: Guided hiking tours on paths, which do not require any technical alpine mountaineering equipment as well as off marked paths in terrain without imminent dangerous drops. Minor crossings of snowfields and secured hiking paths are possible.

Winter: Guided hiking tours in obviously avalanche-safe terrain, including snowshoeing, but no technical alpine mountaineering equipment.”

Hiking tours with exploreTOdiscover

My focus is on preparing beautiful hiking tours for you, which are adjusted to the individual group and the interests of the participants. Experience and condition of the participants are considered when preparing each tour, so that everyone goes home with the feeling of having spent a wonderful day in the mountains and having found new energy in the peacefulness of nature.

The motto of each hike will be “The path is the goal.” While the ascend to a peak is part of nearly every hike, the way we take to get there shall be an unforgettable experience. So, even if we do not reach the peak we aim for (e. g. change of weather conditions) we still will go home with the memories of a unique mountain experience.

Due to my professional work as a geologist and in the area of geographical information systems (GIS) one aspect of my hikes will always be to look at the geological history of the area we are hiking in and to see landscape and nature around us maybe in a slightly different light than just soaking in its beauty. Introduction into orientation in the field, map reading, the planning of hiking tours and the use of GPS equipment as well as the proper behavior in nature and while hiking will be part of my guided tours. The focus of the topics for the different guided tours will depend on the wishes of the participants.

Offered programs

  • periodically offered hiking programs will be posted on this website – please refer to the posts on guided hiking tours – current offers
  • you want to go hiking, but do not want to do it alone or want to be bothered with planning the tour? – just contact me and I would be happy to prepare and accompany you on your hiking tour

Target groups

  • adults of all ages
  • families – also parents with babies and toddlers
  • tourists
  • long-term guests to our country and those who are to stay, but are new to Austria

Type of hiking tours

  • 1-day hiking tours
  • half-day hiking tours
  • multiple day hiking tours (in Austria and USA)
    • Types of multiple day tours => detailed description of types of multiple day hikes
      • Type M1: multiple days in one region – each day a new hike starting at the same meeting point
      • Type M2: hiking from hut to hut over several days
      • Type M3: hiking from place to place over several days
  • geological excursions
  • introduction into orientation in the field

Lodging and food

Lodging and food are not included in the price. In general the relevant links to the region’s websites and important contact information (travel agencies, hut information, tourism offices) are given to the participants. If you cannot find that information on the website, please ask. Everyone can decide individually – depending on their preferences – where they want to stay and book accordingly. In case of hut to hut hikes, when there are normally no lodging alternatives, links to information about the hut will be provided.

If you are interested in coordinating your booking with other participants, let me know. If there are other interested persons, I will make sure that you get each others contact information.

Regarding food it is recommended that everyone brings enough food, so that snacks can be eaten during the breaks along the way. Opportunities to stop at a hut or a restaurant on the way will be outlined in the announcements or the information you are sent after registration. Other than if we are on a hut to hut hike, the evenings are normally free to do whatever you like – everyone can indulge in whatever culinary experience he or she is up to in the respective region.


In general the transport has to be organized by the participants themselves. Links to public transportation, which brings you to the meeting points can be found at the description blogs of the different hikes. Participants, who would like to carpool or offer a carpool spot are welcome to let me know. I will be happy to provide interested participants with each others contact information. The same can be coordinated for those of you, who travel with public transportation, but would like to travel in a group.

Degree of difficulty

The hiking tours – their length and difficulty – will be discussed with the participants in advance or are described in the postings of each tour, so that everyone should be able to decide, which tour fits his/her abilities.

Following is a definition of the degree of difficulty found in the announcements:

degree of difficulty_English

Note regarding walking time: Except for the half-day tours and the individually booked hiking tours, where the participants chose the walking time, walking times between 4 and 6 hours have to be expected even if it is an easy hike. The information about degree of difficulty in the announcements only refers to the terrain conditions (type and steepness of terrain).


In general participants of all ages are welcome. Please check by phone or email, if the hike is appropriate for young children or persons with physicals limitations. A different hike might be offered or the hike can be customized to your specific needs.

The number of participants is generally limited to 12 participants per hike.


Participants are welcome to bring their dogs, but are fully responsible for their animal and its actions as well as following any regulations applicable (e.g. leash etc.). In case of hut to hut hikes it is the responsibility of the owner to check with the hut owner, if dogs are allowed to sleep in the hut.


The offered hikes in the program show the prices in their description. Those are based on the number of participants, the duration and type of hike as well as the area we are visiting. Should you sign up several people for one hike or one person for several hikes, discounts of up to 15% are possible. Please ask about possible price reductions when signing up.

If you would like to have an individual hike planned, prices range between € 200 to € 360 per hike and day for up to 6 participants – depending on the location and duration of the hike. For each additional person an additional 15% of the total amount will be added to the price. I am happy to put together a cost estimate for you at any time.

Registration and payment

Registration can be done via email or phone.

The payment can be made via bank transfer – information will be sent with your confirmation, if needed – or in cash at the time of the hike.

When you register, please note your name, email and phone number. This information is important to me, so I am able to reach you in case of a cancellation or a change (e. g. meeting time, meeting point etc.).


Depending on the type of hike (half-day hike, day hike, multiple day hike, summer hike, winter hike) different equipment has to be considered. Following equipment list gives a general indication of what is needed, whereby necessary and optional equipment is marked as such. Equipment that I might be able to lend you is also marked separately.

gear list

With their sign-up participants are required to come to the hiking tours with equipment suitable for the mountains. This serves the safety of each participant and the group.


Everything is offered in English and/or German



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